The Team

Our Board is comprised of 4 individuals with varying backgrounds. The President and founder is Nathan Dowd. He brings many different experiences to the table. He has been employed as a juvenile emergency shelter manager, substance abuse counselor for adults, a juvenile probation officer, taught parenting skills, a special education teacher and regular education school teacher. He believes that you, no matter who you are, have great worth, value, and the ability to accomplish whatever you desire.

Our Vice President is Shari Dowd. She has been a state licensed mental health (LMHC) counselor for over 15 years. Shari has counseled children, adults, family units, and specializes in counseling people of all ages who are victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. She oversees all counseling and mental health operations, and holds a masters degree in Clinical counseling.

Reverend Scott Hand serves on the board and has been in ministry since 1986. He is currently the founding and senior pastor of Riverfork Community Church. Scott has worked in ministry in various capacities. He oversees our ministry operations while serving as a consultant to Mr. Dowd. Scott earned his undergraduate degree from Charleston Southern University and has his masters from Southwestern Theological Seminary.

David Cox has worked in accounting in many capacities. He is currently employed in the accounting office at the University of South Carolina, where he is an alumni. David serves on our board as a financial consultant.

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The Father's Heart

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