Neighbor to Neighbor

Provides approximately 50 meals each month to families in need who have school aged children in the home. Reaches out to families all over the first coast. Our goal is to provide over 10k meals a month by the end of 2021.

$30 a month adopts a family of 4 and provides about 50 meals each month! 

• Currently we provide 5000 meals each month and are identifying families in need each month to reach our goal of 10k meals each month by the of 2021.

• To reach this goal we must add 9 families per month or 417 meals or 27 families quarterly and 1350 meals.

• The Father’s Heart is unlike any other food program in that we receive referrals that the school system has identified as Neighbors being in need. Once a family has been accepted to the Neighbor to Neighbor program they would be paired with one of our route drivers. Each family would then receive a delivery every month on the third Saturday of each month.

Graduation Initiative

The Graduation Initiative is designed to help High School Juniors and Seniors who are struggling to meet the state mandates in reading and math to graduate high school. $100 would help one high school student meet this requirement!

• $100 provides three one hour tutoring sessions that are geared toward the specific areas the student is showing as a weakness. All our tutors teachers who are certified teachers and currently employed as Math or Language Arts teachers in the state of Florida.